Gut Harmony Team

Neda Smith


Neda is a certified colon hydrotherapist, functional diagnostic nutritionist and a mother of two!

She has  spent most of her adult life completing advanced studies in the area of intestinal gut disease and other gut related autoimmune disorders. 

Through a myriad of safe detoxing methods like colon hydrotherapy, cleansing and proper nutritional supplements, Neda helps patients throughout the Lowcountry to improve their digestive function.

Dana Pappas


Dana is a licensed acupuncturist  and holistic nutritionist. She holds a BS in Health Policy from Penn State and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from the Univ. of Minnesota. Her second Master's is from New England School of Acupuncture.

After years of consulting in hospitals and developing corporate wellness programs, Dana studied Asian and Functional Medicine. She has worked in holistic clinics in Boston, California and now in Mount Pleasant, SC where she lives with her husband, George, and two daughters.

Previous to opening Gut Harmony, Dana spent 8 years working in a functional medicine clinic helping patients with complex health issues. Seeing how much these patients' health improved after  improving their digestion, she decided to focus on helping people with digestive issues. Dana first started studying holistic techniques for digestion over 20 years ago as she searched for answers for herself.  Through healing her own gut from celiac disease, she became passionate about teaching others about healthy digestion. 

Among her many passions, Dana enjoys creating delicious recipes for kids with sensitive tummies and picky eaters. 

Ariane Cometa, MD


As a board-certified Family Medicine physician, Dr. Cometa loves to work with the whole family. She has been practicing Integrative Family Medicine for over 25 years and has helped thousands of people move towards optimum health. 

The integration of conventional medical training and complementary medical education provide Dr. Cometa with the flexibility to structure each patient’s medical experience to meet their individual needs. She is a physician who prescribes medications when necessary, but she prefers to institute natural alternatives to medications whenever possible.  

Dr. Cometa has had extensive training in Integrative Medicine, including but not limited to Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine. She is an expert in the prescribing of bio-identical hormones and managing thyroid imbalances.

She was fortunate to study with many of the leading Functional Medicine doctors throughout her medical and residency training. 

Jessica Minahan


After a history of thyroid imbalances, weight fluctuations, and poor digestion Jessica started turning away from FAD diets / calorie counting and focused on nutrition to help give her firstborn daughter a great start. 

That one decision set her on a natural health journey.  She earned a health coach certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute in 2014, targeting her studies towards helping families transition to a healthier lifestyle. Now as a working mother of three young daughters and an accomplished pianist, Jessica brings a unique healing touch to her work as a colon hydrotherapist. 

Jessica has endless creative ideas to help children fall in love with healthy food and adults incorporate more veggies into their busy schedules. From eliminating parasites and constipation to cleansing, Jessica is happy to share her wealth of knowledge with you.

Jessie Maher


Jessie is a colon hydrotherapist and certified holistic health coach.  After getting to the bottom of food sensitivities that were causing a tremendous amount of grief in her own life, she has spent the last 6 years helping others change their diets to feel their best.  She lives by the motto “change your health, change your life, change the world”. She enjoys helping individuals find easy ways to incorporate healthy meals into their daily lives. 

Kacie Flowers


Kacie graduated from the University of South Carolina and has resided in Charleston, SC for 8 years since graduating. Her diverse background includes teaching, behavioral therapy for children with autism, and fashion. She has always had a passion for natural health and wellness. When she isn’t assisting us at Gut Harmony you can find her teaching yoga and enjoying being a newlywed.  

Marie Seeger



Marie is not only a registered dietitian and certified leap therapist but also a licensed massage therapist and esthetician. She has been working in wellness since 1996. 

She is passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. Specializing in food sensitivities, Marie's goal is to help others uncover the root cause of health issue within the diet.  Once  food/chemical sensitivities are uncovered, then Marie helps individuals with identifying the right diet, skin care regime and supplements to achieve well-being. 

She specializes in inflammatory diet conditions, skin care and healing the gut through food. She truly loves taking care of herself and wants to assist others in doing the same.