What Is Holistic Nutrition?

Have you ever heard the phrase “holistic nutrition” before? The term refers to a type of wellness that’s focused on a whole-life approach to being healthy—and we have a Holistic Health Practitioner who will help you with just that.

“Simply stated, holistic nutrition is healing with whole foods,”
says Michele Stanford, our holistic health practitioner at Gut Harmony.

(Sorry, Twinkies and potato chips don’t count!) But it’s more than just that—the concept has expanded to include a new way of life, bridging “ancient wisdom with modern knowledge,” and recognizing the mental, physical and spiritual components of health.

Holistic nutrition uses food as healing for a person’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It involves consuming healthy, whole foods that are unrefined, unprocessed, organic, and locally-grown.

A Food Plan Tailored to You

Instead of experts taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your health, our Holistic Health Practitioner can craft a specific overall plan based on your likes, dislikes as well as lifestyle (allergies, too). Plus, you won’t just go home with a prescription—you’ll have guidance and support from start to finish. “It’s like having a food trainer instead of a personal trainer—your personal food coach to give you a gentle push,” says Neda Smith, owner of Gut Harmony and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner as well as Colon Hydrotherapist.

Increased Energy and Focus

By cutting out processed foods and doing a whole food diet, like us, you too will notice a change in energy and focus, Because of this we are firm believers that eating whole foods makes our bodies run better and gives us more energy (FYI: I’m not a morning person, and I was up at 6:30 a.m. every day ready to go). But why do our bodies crave clean eating? “Foods that are not altered, stripped, or refined in any way, our bodies know how to break them down and utilize them for maximum energy and potential,” says Michele Stanford.

Improved Mood

Although keeping your body healthy is a necessity, so is finding a mental and spiritual calm, especially with all the stresses we deal with on a daily basis. “Because so many ailments are linked to emotional stresses, like anger or worry, by improving the diet, you can improve the mood,” says Mandy Natt, a naturopath in Australia. “This, in turn, helps people to cope and even master problems that come their way—making them happier and more able to live well,” she says.

Disease Prevention Within Reach

Did you know that an estimated 80% of Type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented if you alter your nutrition and exercise regimen? If you need more evidence that healthy eating can prevent disease, then look to those who eat the Mediterranean diet (plant-based food with little red meat).
This type of nutritious meal plan can prevent a second heart attack by up to 70%. “The body’s immune system and ability to repair itself is linked to nutrition, and by improving what you eat, you can encourage greater healing, as well as keep ailments from developing,” Nott says.

Holistic Nutrition: A Way of Life

Holistic Nutrition is more than a diet—it’s a way of life. Anyone who has gone on a “diet” knows that it works for a little while, but it’s not sustainable. “Our Holistic Health Practitioner teaches you a holistic model of health by providing not only dietary guidance but lifestyle suggestions too,” says Neda Smith. Plus, you’ll never have to consult a food pyramid again.

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Dr. Tara Meyerink

Dr. Tara is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and is a National Board certified Integrative and Functional N Nutrition Practitioner.

She believes that getting to the root cause of health issues is the key to sustaining health and wellness. Teaching clients the “why” behind recommended action steps for health improvement empowers them to learn to listen to their body and pro-actively take responsibility for their health. She believes one never stops learning.

Dr. Tara worked 20+ years in public education and educational administration prior to becoming a healthcare provider. She has authored and co-author peer-reviewed publications, does public speaking regarding longevity and nutrition, and mentors/supervises functional nutrition residents/candidates for their national boards.